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Sugar & Spice has its orgins as a virtual sexuality festival.

Check out the program from our 1st festival (Aug 1 – 15, 2020), 2nd festival (Nov 17 – 24, 2020) and 3rd festival (Mar 23 – 27, 2021)

Watch our Sugar & Spice playlist on YouTube here! Some of the session recordings have been put up (with consent)!

After the third Sugar and Spice virtual sexuality festival in March 2021, we decided to launch a monthly Sugar and Spice talk series (S&Sx). Watch them here.

In this two-hour evening, we will introduce three Asian presenters with each speaking on a sexuality related topic for 15 minutes each.

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The Sugar and Spice movement allows a discourse to transform conventional thinking that people raised in traditional societies are unable to express themselves with confidence and purpose when it comes to sex – preferences, attitudes, social discretion and judgement. What are the drivers that compel people to make certain choices in life that have a long lasting impact?

Perhaps it is their conservative upbringing or the fact that sex has often been a taboo topic not to be spoken of at home. We aim to impart positive messages and learning around sex, sexuality and sexual wellness. Empowering participants to listen, observe, learn and find sexual wellness by their own free will.

Throughout our events we will work together with participants to question and refine their mind-set, freeing them from any cultural measures that could have resulted in low sexual self-esteem and a fear of enjoying the pleasures of positive sexual wellness that generates happiness and overall self-positivity. Working closely with participants with care and privacy we aim to help close the gap on their lack of sexual education and positive role models regarding sexual wellness.

The online nature of our events allows participants from all over the world to connect and interact with others who may have a similar or comparable upbringing. To ensure that sessions are dynamic, interactive and helpful, speakers and facilitators are all skilful and empathetic experts in their field.  

Come join us and embark on a new positive learning journey!

Workshop Gallery

Date: Friday 14 May 2021
Time: 7 – 9p.m. Singapore time
Venue: Zoom


Kat Vergara

Matters of the Heart: Finding Magic in Mutual Masturbation


Oliver Damian

A Man’s Journey to Living a Pleasurable Life One Stroke


Farzana Doctor

Sexual Healing after Female Genital Cutting: One Khatna Survivor’s experience​

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