From Gap to Equality: Let's Close In on the Orgasm Gap

Let’s explore the issues underlying the gendered orgasm gap and how we can address it for women to move towards orgasm equality!

When/ Where

Date: Friday 20 August 2021

Time: 7 – 9p.m. Singapore time

Venue:  Zoom link will be provided

About Dr. Rica Cruz

Dr. Rica Cruz is a psychologist, a media personality, and an entrepreneur. She has a PhD in Psychology and had further training and certifications in sex and relationships therapy from the University of Guelph, Cambridge Alliance-Harvard Medical School and the Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality. 

Her expertise is focused on Filipino sexual behaviours and sexual pleasure and her practice revolves around individuals and couples with sexual and relationship/marital issues. She provides sexuality education to the Filipino youth and is part of campaigns for HIV Awareness and family planning. She has also worked with UN Women and other NGOs to help address gender-based violence in the country.

She has her own podcast, Conservative Ako, to help Filipino women let go of the shame and stigma and completely embrace their sexuality. She also co-hosts Feelings at OnePH, a public service program, giving advice on love and sex. Her other media projects include being on Boys’ Night Out, Magic 89.9; a Podcast Network Asia show, The Sexy Minds; and regular columns in Tempo and has written for Metro.Style, Smart Parenting, and other media publications.

As a sex therapist, researcher, educator, and lover, she opines that Filipino sexual ownership is sexier than sex.