It’s not a Culture War - It’s a Proxy War

By definition, a proxy war is a war instigated by a major power which does not itself become involved. Growing up in a sheltered environment, they used to be ignorant and close-minded, but acknowledging their queerness helped them to open their eyes, mind and heart. Their introspection enabled their extrospection. Through this ongoing journey, they have come to learn of how the personal is political – and the lack of substantive action from the top is harming the lives of fellow LGBTQ+ folks. In this presentation, Elijah (they/them) shares about everything about and surrounding their queerness – coming out, facing discrimination, getting involved in advocacy, activism and politics, and simply being and becoming.

When/ Where

Date: Friday 18 June 2021

Time: 7 – 9p.m. Singapore time

Venue:  Zoom link will be provided

About Elijah Tay

Elijah Tay (they/them) is a passionate youth activist who has been involved in advocacy work since they were in secondary school. At the age of 16, they founded initiatives like @QueersOfLH and @MyQueerStorySG to uplift the voices of the LGBTQ+ community in school and in Singapore respectively. They have also shared extensively in live discussions and podcasts, such as on New Naratif’s Political Agenda, Sayoni’s webinars, SPEQ:TRUM podcast, Lesbeheard’s Instagram Live and Ferne Health’s online workshop. They believe in the importance of creating safe spaces while moving society towards becoming a safe space for all.