Emotional Support

Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Surrounded by friends who were sexually inhibited and struck by dire lack of positive conversations around sex and sexuality in Singapore, Dr. Martha Tara Lee decided to take it upon herself to be an advocate for positive sexuality in 2007. She set out to make a positive difference in embarking on her doctorate in human sexuality, then launching Eros Coaching in 2009. Today, she also has a masters in counseling and remains dedicated to working with individuals and couples to lead self-actualised and pleasure-filled lives.

She has worked with a lot of couples (international and local) who have unconsummated marriage; men and women with sexual inhibitions and sexual desire discrepancies; men with erection and ejaculation concerns; as well as with GLBTQQ and kink folks. A born and bred Singaporean Chinese, Martha welcomes individuals as well as couples of all sexual orientations, and is available via Skype or face-to-face in Singapore. Martha speaks English and Mandarin.

Michelle Donald

In addition to working at The North West Regional Spinal Injury Centre, Southport and The Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries, Oswestry ( I work with Private Case Managers and run training sessions to enable HCP’s to open up conversations around sexual issues. I will write reports for legal teams on request.

My expertise lies in the areas of sexual issues related to spinal cord injury and the issues that a SCI may bring with it.

I feel it is necessary to address the issue of how important sexuality is after a spinal cord injury, in that this aspect of the relationship shared by a couple, is often neglected, with the focus being on the physical dysfunction. I am becoming more involved in encouraging spinal centres to help incorporate ideas for change and presenting this information to all the staff to allow them to think about what is achievable within the short space of time that patients are in spinal centres and how sexual rehabilitation can be effectively integrated during that period. 

Dr. Mitchell Tepper

Dr. Tepper, author of Regain that Feeling: Secrets to Sexual Self-Discovery, brings a lifetime of first-hand experience with chronic conditions and disability to his work as a Sexuality Researcher, AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator and Counselor, Coach and self-proclaimed Prophet of Pleasure. While getting his PhD in Human Sexuality Education from the University of Pennsylvania he conducted ground-breaking research on orgasm in women with spinal cord injuries alongside world-renowned orgasm researchers Drs. Beverly Whipple and Barry Komisaruk. Over the past 14 years, he has turned his attention to helping wounded veterans and their partners navigate intimate relationships.

Sue Newssome

I am an educator, coach and therapist with over fifteen years experience in the field of human sexuality and relationships.

My commitment to my work comes from a passionate belief that sexual confidence, expression, and satisfaction are vital to human experience. I have been privileged to live the transformation that exploring my sexuality and capacity for intimacy has brought to me and my relationships.

Having begun training as a therapist after a successful career in business, my interest in the spiritual dimensions of human psychology and sexuality inspired me to study Tantra, Native American sacred sexuality, and body psychotherapy. This led to my involvement with Shakti Tantra, a leading UK Tantra school, which I now co-run. My belief that spiritual sexual approaches and techniques can address sexual difficulties, build sexual confidence and enhance intimacy and pleasure led me to study at the Porterbrook Clinic, a leading international training centre for sexual and relationship therapy.

Nellie Wilson

I believe that everyone deserves to feel cared for, seen and respected as a whole person, and that consent and honest open communication are the foundation to making that possible. I have been an avid student and practitioner of communication and consent for over 12 years in my work and personal life.

I draw from my background in massage therapy, sex education, my master’s degree in Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and my Cuddlist certification, to provide quality care in all aspects of my work. I am a certified Cuddle Party facilitator and am training to be a Wheel of Consent facilitator. I offer these workshops in Western Massachusetts.

Living with a chronic illness for over 10 years also informs my work and drives me to give back to people in the disability and chronic illness communities that have given me so much. I am honored to be able to share what I’ve learned, and continue to learn; and to support individuals and groups to improve the quality of their lives and relationships through communication, consent, and touch.