Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Who are your events for?
Our events are designed for people of all genders, sexual orientations and abilities. Our events are not a replacement for therapy, support group or professional training, even though some of our sessions are conducted by qualified and professional sexuality educators.

2. What is their purpose?
The purpose of our events is to demystify sex and sexuality, provide sexual information, knowledge, resources, and teach sexual skills and communication so that confidence in sexual expression can happen for us all.

3. Will there be nudity?
Not our events.

4. What platform are you using?


5. What is your policy on safety and consent?

Our intention is to create a space that is as safe as possible where all activity is consensual. “No” means “no”. “Maybe” means “no”. Silence means “no”. People who act in a non-consensual fashion, or who make others feel uncomfortable will be asked to leave. People who are unduly aggressive to other participants or staff will also be asked to leave.

We are using Zoom as our platform. As such, you can always choose to “change name”; turn video on/ off and/ or mute yourself.  Your voice will be recorded if you choose to speak. You can type your questions in the chat box, and/ or private message the presenter your questions (depending on the presenter) and are welcomed to participate to the level you feel comfortable with.

We believe in a dignity of risk approach to sex education. Rather than insisting that people practice certain activities in certain ways, we believe in respecting each individual’s autonomy and self-determination to make choices for themselves. While all care is taken to make the space as safe as possible, we cannot guarantee that you will not experience any emotional disturbance or discomfort during the festival. Often this discomfort is part and parcel of finding oneself in a new environment or learning something new.

We ask that you not reshare the zoom link(s) or recording(s) with people who are not registered for the festival. We want to ensure this is a safe space i.e. prevent Zoom bombers.

Please take responsibility for yourself first and let us know if you have concerns at

6. What do you do with the recordings?

Recordings are available for online viewing/ listening for up to 30 days from when uploaded. We are not selling the recordings and with consent by the presenter(s), the recording might be put up on our Sugar & Spice playlist to support more people. 

7. What is Huddle Time?

We have an optional Huddle Time. This would be a time for participants to mingle/ make friends/ intro self/ chill/ chit chat about their lives, day, the festival etc. You are asking to keep what is shared in Huddle Time confidential. Huddle Time will not be recorded.

8. What is our policy on disability access?

We welcome people of all abilities and disabilities. If you require accessibility support e.g. live captioning, please let us know at 

9. What do I do if I wish to exchange or re-sell my ticket?
All Ticket Sales are non-refundable. You do not need to attend the session live as recordings will be available for up to 30 days to those signed up. Contact us via email at 

10. Who is producing Sugar & Spice?
Sugar & Spice is produced by Eros Coaching Pte Ltd (200906833R) in Singapore.

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