Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this festival for?
This festival is designed for people of all genders, sexual orientations and abilities. It is for singles and couples.  

What is their purpose?
The purpose of the festival is to demystify sex and sexuality, provide sexual information, knowledge, resources, and teach sexual skills and communication so that confidence in sexual expression can happen for us all.

Will there be nudity?
Not at this festival.

Will there be pair and group work? If yes, how will the pairing be done?
Depending on the session, there will be pair and group work. Couples are welcome. People arriving as singles (or couples that like to play with other people) will be paired randomly for various activities. Please note: all exercises can be taken only to the level that’s right for you at the time.

Can I work exclusively with one partner?
Yes, if you arrive with them. (You may also bump into someone you know, or meet someone, and decide to do activities with them).

Can I sit out of any activity?
Yes, you may sit out of any activity, or participate only to a level that’s right for you.

What is your policy on safety and consent?
Our intention is to create a space that is as safe as possible where all activity is consensual. “No” means “no”. “Maybe” means “no”. Silence means “no”. People who act in a non-consensual fashion, or who make others feel uncomfortable will be asked to leave. People who are unduly aggressive to other participants or staff will also be asked to leave.

We believe in a dignity of risk approach to sex education. Rather than insisting that people practice certain activities in certain ways, we believe in respecting each individual’s autonomy and self-determination to make choices for themselves. While all care is taken to make the space as safe as possible, we cannot guarantee that you will not experience any emotional disturbance or discomfort during the festival. Often this discomfort is part and parcel of finding oneself in a new environment or learning something new. Please take responsibility for yourself first and let us know if you have concerns.

Why do we not sell tickets for individual workshops?
We have 26 sessions and more than 34 presenters for this festival. For a festival of this scale and size, it is simply too much administrative work. If you have concerns about the fee, you can apply for a scholarship. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. 

What do I do if I wish to exchange or re-sell my ticket?
All Ticket Sales are non-refundable. However, they can be exchanged should it turn out that after having purchased your ticket you are unable to come to the festival. In this eventuality, we will do what we can to help you to find another buyer for your ticket. Contact us via email or Facebook. Once you have found a buyer (either through your own networks or ours), we will exchange the name on the ticket.

Who is producing Love Abilities?
Love Abilities is produced by Eros Coaching Pte Ltd (200906833R) in Singapore.

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