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Sugar & Spice has its orgins as a virtual sexuality festival.

Check out the program from our 1st festival (Aug 1 – 15, 2020), 2nd festival (Nov 17 – 24, 2020) and 3rd festival (Mar 23 – 27, 2021)

Watch our Sugar & Spice playlist on YouTube here! Some of the session recordings have been put up (with consent)!

After the third Sugar and Spice virtual sexuality festival in March 2021, we decided to launch a monthly Sugar and Spice talk series (S&Sx). Watch them here.

In this two-hour evening, we will introduce three Asian presenters with each speaking on a sexuality related topic for 15 minutes each.

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PinkLifestyle offers a wide range of lingerie, personal massage equipment, lubricants and aromatic body oil. We carry top brands around the world — Japan, UK and USA, each with their own distinctive culture and definition of design and innovation. Our mission is simply based on careful selection of products with the best quality, at the most affordable prices. Ultimately our aim is to bring couples closer together in the most direct manner. it is our goal to help you feel good about yourself and to draw out your inner beauty. 

PinkLifestyle is a premium reseller of “LELO” from Sweden, “Womanizer” , “We-Vibe” and “Fun Factory” from Germany, “Lovense” from the USA,  “TENGA & iroha” from Japan. We are also a key distributor of the sophisticated AnnaMu Lingerie Brand, with more than a thousand designs to choose from. 


Eros Coaching focuses on relationship and sexuality counseling/ coaching for individuals and couples in Singapore. Run by certified sexologist and sexuality educator Dr Martha Tara Lee, Eros Coaching also conducts sexuality education workshops and speaks at public events in Asia and beyond.

Publicity Partner

This festival would not be possible if not for the help of our partners, supporters, friends and presenters. We also like to acknowledge those who wish to remain anonymous. Thank you, thank you, thank you….

We are Fk.

We are a collective founded by three individuals.

We call ourselves Fk. because we believe that we should all be able to live life to the bestest of our ability and be whatever the Fk. we want to be. and whoever the Fk. we want to be.

What we do.

We host events (lots of events) and we sell toys (lots of toys).

Events that make you think, feel and connect.
Toys that give you a rush and make you blush and gush.

We are Fk. A community. A mission.



Janet Chui Watercolour VisionsJanet freelances in print and online publishing and editing. Previously one half of Two Cranes Press, she now enjoys helping holistic businesses set up their website, e-commerce, and branding. Janet’s own experience comes from her teenage days when she set up her first website within her first 2 weeks of getting online. She’s been building websites for over 20 years and still uses blogs and forums to explore niche and alternative subjects.

Janet Chui Watercolour Visions

Wellness Insider – Here at The Wellness Insider, we are in the business of Body Confidence and we want you to feel great on the inside and out. By providing a platform of curated expert opinions, products and services, you get to make informed choices without any judgement. We believe that everyone should feel positive about themselves, no matter which part of their journey they are at in achieving their health goals. As such, we would like to build a community and inspire others by having members of our community share their body image stories.

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