Enhance Your Sexual Relationship

A happy healthy relationship is something that everyone hopes to gain. Naturally, healthy relationships also include having a mutually satisfying sexual experience. 

Couples may find it difficult to talk about sex even after many years of marriage. This is because sex related topics have been a taboo in our society especially in Asian countries. When sexual problems occur, some couples tend to avoid discussing it hoping that it will resolve itself or hoping that their partner will figure it out eventually. What we need to remember is that we can’t read each other minds, so the best way to deal with any problems is to talk about it. 

So what will you gain from this workshop: 

1. Learn about sex myths 

2. Learn skills to improve your sexual relationship 

3. Learn how to communicate your sexual needs with your partner 

4. Gain more confident to spice up your bedroom

About Andrea Koh

Sexologist | Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre, Malaysia After getting her Master of Sexology from Curtin University Australia and fuelled by her passion in helping individuals and couples with their sexual relationships and health, Andrea joined Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre, Malaysia as a Sexologist. She is also AASECT-trained in supporting clients to overcome vaginismus. For the past 2 years, she has been co-treating women and couples across Malaysia with vaginismus issues along with in-house physiotherapists using a pioneering multi-disciplinary approach. Aside from work, Andrea has experience in educating the public about STI/HIV, safe sex, relationship and sex, and how pelvic health can improve one’s quality of life. She has also been featured in HerInspirasi and Jelita magazines on topics related to relationship and sex.

Website: https://vibrance.com.my/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/myvibrance/