Consent and Sexuality

It will be a presentation only, an interview with you. It will be followed by a QnA with the audience. The topics covered will be consent, non-consent, consensual non-consent, elements of consent in vanilla as well as alternative sexualities like BDSM, poly, sugar, sex-work etc.

About Anupama Garg

Anupama is an ever-evolving person, deeply interested in human sexual behaviour. She has vastly researched alternative sexual lifestyles and has also written a series of non-fiction books on the subject with a pseudonym. She believes in transforming the outlook towards sexuality by structured, quality conversations, one at a time. Apart from this space, she works as a content specialist and researcher, writes poetry and sings for passion.

Website: I will be happy to announce at the end of the workshop, because the relevant website and work is based on a pseudonym.