Sex, Money and Spirit

About Chan Fun Shin

Just like any other teenager, Chan Fun Shin has been always curious about sexuality since young. After completing his Bachelor’s in Psychology and Masters in Counselling, he decided to embark into a road less taken which is specializing in helping people with sexuality issues. He is now a registered counsellor with the board of counselling Malaysia and undergone professional training in sex consultation. He is one of the few counsellors that specializes in sexuality counselling in Malaysia.

Shin was from the financially healthy family. Since young, he has never suffered from financial difficulties until when he started his own family. Being a financial supporter for his wife and child, he has finally thought of planning and managing his money. He dived into different ways to provide for the family and hope to give the best to his love ones.

While striving hard to secure the family with enough money, how can he still maintain a healthy spiritually but not losing his mind? This has always been a philosophical question for him.