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Sherry Sherqueshaa

Star Ore

Chang Yuwen

Joshua Simon

We hear from 4 individuals about their experiences growing up GLBTIQA in Asia, where sexual activity between same sex couples is outlawed in several Asian countries including Singapore, how they came out and how they fought the backlash and stigma.

About Chang Yuwen

Having started out identifying as lesbian and androgynous as a teenager, Yuwen continued to explore her sexuality and femininity through her interest in BDSM. The kink community provided Yuwen with the opportunity to learn, make friends with and understand individuals who identify differently from her on the sexuality spectrum. This growing curiosity eventually led to her meeting more people in society who choose to lead life outside the norm of heteronormative relationships. It became apparent to her that there were (and still are) many individuals living their preferred lifestyles hidden just under the radar, unbeknown to the general population. Why then are we all hiding it?

Currently, she identifies as a sex-positive, kinky and polyamorous bisexual who encourages open conversations around relationships, sex and sexuality. She hopes to offer support to those who need a safe and non-judgemental space to explore their identity.