Am I a Sex Addict? HyperSexual or Sex Addict, Clear your Myths

Hypersexual; High Sex Desire and Sex Addiction are widely used synonymously. 

These 3 concepts are scientifically different and still misunderstood to be the same thing; they hold social and cultural stigma and are associated with Sexual Negativity.  Join Dr. Anita Shyaam while she unfolds these 3 concepts and clears some common myths.

About Dr. Anita Shyaam, MD

Dr. Anita Shyaam, MD is a Licensed Psychiatrist and Clinical Sexologist from India. She runs an online practice called “The Peaceful Minds” where she consults clients from around the world with mental, behavioral, psychological, and sexual concerns.

She helps clients to grow and glow in their relationship with themselves and their partner. She is trained in psycho pharmacology, psycho therapies and psycho sexual therapies. She also uses alternative forms of treatment like CBT, NLP, and Hypnosis and Energy healing to bring holistic healing for her clients.

She believes in going the extra mile to help her clients by bringing them information and knowledge, alternative therapies, and practical skills to glide successfully during challenges.

Professionally, she is affiliated with (Bombay Psychiatry Society), CSEPI (Council of Sex Education and Parenthood, India), SASSM (South Asian Society of Sexual Medicine), ISSM (International Society of Sexual Medicine), and lastly, NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness).

She devotes her success to her teachers, family and friends.