Sex, Illness and Disability Panel

Dr. Rachel Winston
We explore the unchartered territory of sex with disabilities and illness. We have Lionel Koh, a caregiver; Mina Kakiya (has HIV and HIV advocate); Sydney Rae Chin (assault survivor), and Reguina Aun (a parent with a child with down syndrome).

About Dr. Rachel Winston

Dr Rachael is a medical doctor graduated from the National University of Malaysia (MD UKM) and a Certified Clinical Sexologist from the American College of Sexologist International. Dr Rachael is currently the Centre Medical Director for MUC healthcare which has been a group of clinics that has specialized in sexual health for the past 37 years treating mainly sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Founder and Head of Sexplore by MUC Healthcare which serves as a platform for the community in Malaysia to talk and share about sex related concerns, experiences and problems in relation to individuals and couples.