Recharging Sexual Batteries: The TCM Approach

Having low libido or sex drive? Having difficulty getting aroused? Or just can’t perform? Fret not, because your kidney system may just need that extra boost with an ancient medicine!
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a low libido is usually due to an imbalance of vital energy known as Qi, within key organ systems in the body, specifically the kidney and heart.
Join TCM physician Edmund Pang, M.Med(TCM Gynaecology) and B.Sc(Hons) Biomedical Science for a modernised TCM approach on how to recharge your sexual batteries naturally!

About Edmund Pang, M.Med

Edmund is a local Singaporean who graduated from Nanyang Technological University(NTU) and Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(BUCM) with a double degree in both Biomedical Science(Hons) and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) in 2014. Edmund’s interest in advancing his knowledge and skills in the TCM’s role in aiding in women health and fertility inspired him to pursue a Masters in Gynecology from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese
Medicine(LUCM) in 2018. He was previous Head of Fertility department in Thong Chai Medical Institution 同济医院 before leaving for private practise.

Bilingual with a keen mind on the latest TCM research, he uses clinically proven evidence-based treatment approaches to help and guide his patients to successful conception, post delivery and management of women health all stages of life.

He treats patients with premenstrual symptoms such irregular/painful/heavy menses, no ovulation issue, pregnancy symptoms nauseous to postnatal care complications or postpartum issues. Also conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS), unexplained infertility, menopause and gastrointestinal disorders to name a few.