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Sherry Sherqueshaa

Star Ore

Joshua Simon

We hear from 4 individuals about their experiences growing up GLBTIQA in Asia, where sexual activity between same sex couples is outlawed in several Asian countries including Singapore, how they came out and how they fought the backlash and stigma.

About Joshua Simon

Joshua Simon, Co-Host for The SG Boys: Joshua spearheaded The SG Boys podcast to create a platform for gay stories in Singapore. Outside of co-hosting the podcast, he is a radio presenter in Singapore, known for his interviews with the world’s biggest stars, from Katy Perry to Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. Joshua’s interviews have crossed millions of views on YouTube. Joshua is also an independent singer-songwriter whose debut album, titled Filthy, was hailed ‘one of the best albums to come out of Singapore, by music publication Bandwagon Asia.