Moderator: Joyen 


Sherry Sherqueshaa

Star Ore

Joshua Simon

We hear from 4 individuals about their experiences growing up GLBTIQA in Asia, where sexual activity between same sex couples is outlawed in several Asian countries including Singapore, how they came out and how they fought the backlash and stigma.

About Joyen

Joyen is a Performance-style Dominatrix specializing in rope bondage and BDSM performances and is also the Philippines’ first homegrown international burlesque performer. She is an alternative model and avant-garde performer specializing in artful softporn, fetish, erotic, vintage burlesque & pinup, sexy heels, and striptease. She is currently training as a slutty ballerina, exotic pole dancer, and silks aerialist and is developing Aerial Bondage – the discipline that combines aerial circus concepts with Japanese rope bondage. On the side, she performs as a rock vocalist and a fine art photographer. Her work is primarily based in Manila, Philippines.



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