Introduction to Bondage

In these dark times, most of us find ourselves lost and in need of a safe haven or release. We, creatures of the night, lurk in the shadows, but we feel and experience the same battles as the surface world. What shall become of us kinksters? What is the future of kink practice amidst the ongoing crisis?

For the first time ever, Manila’s very own Queen of Rope and Mistress of the Underworld JOYEN brings you INTRODUCTION TO BONDAGE (Lite) – rope bondage online education via Sugar and Spice Asia. In this lecture based class, students are not allowed to touch rope or any tools of bondage at all, because they must first learn the mindset behind this seductive and dangerous art form. Learn about the history, safety protocols, philosophy, craftsmanship, and social implications behind bondage. Upgrade your skillset by determining which
everyday objects are suitable for low-risk bondage and update your proficiency in
floor ties in the safety of your own home. Lastly, get a chance to watch exclusive
tying demos from JOYEN herself.

This is a beginners’ workshop, targeted to those who are alone or with a partner / partners in lockdown. No tying partner, no rope, and no previous experience are necessary. Modifications for both self and partnered ties will be demonstrated, but participants are required to listen, watch, and learn first before venturing into any sort of tying at all.

About Joyen

Joyen is a Performance-style Dominatrix specializing in rope bondage and BDSM performances and is also the Philippines’ first homegrown international burlesque performer. She is an alternative model and avant-garde performer specializing in artful softporn, fetish, erotic, vintage burlesque & pinup, sexy heels, and striptease. She is currently training as a slutty ballerina, exotic pole dancer, and silks aerialist and is developing Aerial Bondage – the discipline that combines aerial circus concepts with Japanese rope bondage. On the side, she performs as a rock vocalist and a fine art photographer. Her work is primarily based in Manila, Philippines.



Facebook: www.facebookcom/JoyenJoyen