Living the Dream – Fantasy vs Reality, The BDSM Lifestyle

So you have found someone whom you would like to spend more time with and go into a D/s (Dominant/submissive or Dominant/slave) relationship with and both of you want a more publicly recognised relationship. What do you do?

What will be covered in this interactive session:

  • Relationship dynamics and boundaries
  • The meaning and significance of collaring and Master/slave bonds
  • Responsibilities of the Dom/me towards your sub/slave
  • Various forms of collaring rituals, both old school and modern
  • The importance of contracts and legal considerations
  • What to expect in a long-term D/s relationship in real life practical terms
  • How to manage and raise children while still in a long-term D/s relationship
  • Q & A

About Karen Evers-Foo

Karen Evers-Foo is an Intuitive Life Coach. She works with individuals who seek to regain control over their lives, empowering them to lead more fulfilling lives. Her well-rounded, holistic approach includes both conventional and spiritual therapies that result in in deep and powerful transformations of the person’s body, mind and soul. She holds a BA in Psychology from Syracuse University, New York. With over 20 years’ experience in the corporate world, working with leadership on employee relations and recruitment, she received certifications in counselling and personal assessment & development tools. She is also well versed in various energy and emotional healing modalities. She is a plus size community ambassador and an advocate & coach with the alternative lifestyle community within Asia. She currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand.