Using The Five Senses in Erotica Writing

Sex is great but the real challenge is how to write it without being obvious. Erotica is not just about the down and dirty act but it can also be about the subtle touches and nearness of your muse. This interactive talk aims to teach its attendees how to write erotica using their five senses without being too obvious about it. It will be focused on allowing their creative minds to explore the senses using a prompt phrase or word and how they want to translate it into erotic writing.

This workshop is helpful for those who are looking for a creative output on this sexual frustrations or fantasies, if not to translate trauma into something positive and reflective

About Kat Astrid

Kat Astrid, or Kat Vergara, is a writer by day and a witch/tarot and oracle reader by night. She is a graduate of BS Pharmacy and AB Literature from the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City, Philippines. She started writing through fanfics, mostly R-18 or lemon, before moving on to writing young adult stories and poetry under the pen name Kat Astrid with Telicadezza serving as her erotica handle. As of recent, she is an active ziner in her city and presents lectures to help educate LGBT youth on literature representation.