Sexual Polarity

Many people today understand the need for relationships in their lives. However, relationships can and do go through periods of ups and down, particularly in sexual attraction between partners (whether casual or committed). For those in committed couplehoods, they may attribute their lack of attraction to a lack of love or the fading of it, which is not necessarily true. Some of the biggest misconceptions about attraction stem from the lack of understanding of sexual polarity. In this interactive talk/workshop, we will share the basis of sexual polarity, how it comes about, how to create (or re-create) it, how to notice when it is fading, the need for sexual polarity in attraction within (and outside of) relationships and how to nurture each of the masculine and feminine energies within us.

About Lionel Koh

Lionel is a man on a mission to help people live authentic and empowered lives with purpose, power and passion. He has spoken to, trained and helped thousands of individuals internationally to come to realise the true power within themselves. His company, Maven Communications Pte Ltd, which he founded with his wife Lisa, runs workshops, talks as well as provide mind clearing and coaching sessions. Through his work, Lionel has touched many lives in the areas of: Clearing One’s Past, Communication Mastery, Death & Dying, Depression, Men’s Work, Life Purpose, Personal Boundaries Personal Power & Clarity, Relationship & Relating, Sexuality & Romance, Spiritual Problems, Stuck Life Conditions and Transitioning in Work & Life.