To Tease and To Please

Always in a STATE OF UNDRESSED…Lucky Rapscallion is your little loving rascal.  Filipina American dancer, theatre artist, and model journeyed from New York to Manila and found her heart in between.  A mixture of naughty and nice.  Let her awaken your senses and take you to new heights. She loves to love, to tease and to please.  


To give each participant confidence and tools to express themselves or to others.  Self love so you can give love.


A movement based workshop focused on building confidence and learning how to move, for oneself or to be able to share with others.

Class materials: 

YOU, a full length mirror and/or a hand mirror, space to move, wear a comfortable outfit that you feel good and look good in. Also have any song option, props or furniture that you may or may not choose to use at the end of the session 🙂

About Lucky Rapscallion

Co-Founder of Burlesque PH and all around creative, Lucky has movement experience in various dance and yoga styles.  She has a love for teaching and sharing, and has hosted many workshops for beginners with or without movement backgrounds.  She centers her class around self love and confidence so that this experience can be enjoyed in private with or without a special someone!  Her performance style is a fusion of grace and theatrics, so not only will you get lessons on movement, she has knowledge, tips, and tricks for hair, makeup, and wardrobe!  Get excited to spice up the season with sweet surrender!