Sexy Foods & Sensual Aphrodisiacs

The right kinds and types of food can elicit and enhance sexual desire and pleasure. Ignite both your sexual and gastronomical appetites! Learn all about how and what types of aphrodisiacs can titillate, increase passion and stimulate sensuality in your romantic relationships and sex lives.

About Luke Elijah

Multi-talented Renaissance man Luke Elijah was born into a family of holistic healers and spiritual practitioners dating back four generations. Luke is certified in Theta Healing, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, sound healing, Reiki, yoga, massage therapy, the culinary arts, and much more. His forte lies in supporting his clients through cultivating self-love, emotional healing, relationship issues, twin flame dynamics and other life coaching. Luke also runs a YouTube channel where he regularly uploads videos with spiritual content and feature interviews with various successful and interesting people in the health, fitness, holistic and spiritual fields who have inspiring stories to share. Due to his vast experience and expertise, Luke is a much well sought after keynote guest speaker and competition judge at various events, and has also been extensively featured by the international press and media such as The History Channel, Channel News Asia, CNN, The Strait Times, The New Paper, Lianhe Zaobao and much more.