Sexual Violence Panel

Moderator: Shivli Shrivastava


Paromita Vohra (Agents of ISHQ)

Levy Luke (Students for Safer NUS)

Dr. Vani Khare (Sanrakshan)

Masia One, Singapore

We explore the theme of sexual violence through the voices of our panelists who are involved in sexuality education and advocacy.

About Luke Levy

Luke Levy, an undergraduate student in the National University of Singapore (NUS), is one of the co-founders of Students for a Safer NUS (SafeNUS), a community of students in NUS that addresses the issues of sexual violence on campus through community-led efforts. SafeNUS’s efforts include facilitating a community able to provide inclusive, peer-led support to survivors, educating students and others on topics regarding sexual violence, and working with NUS administration to suggest initiatives and policies geared to systemic changes to eradicate sexual violence.
Instagram: @safe.nus