Bringing the Oh-Yes back to Burlesque!

Hosted by: Madame Rouge

Performer: Scarlett Oh

Madame Rouge, founder of Madame Rouge’s Burlesque Theatre in Bangkok, will be talking about her experience navigating the fine line between empowerment and exploitation of women through the sensual artform of burlesque in the east: specifically, Southeast Asia.

In many parts of the eastern world, the concept of burlesque is not only foreign, but it challenges the taboo subject of sexuality and femininity. In a city such as Bangkok, the surprisingly conservative mindset contradicts the deep-rooted and problematic reputation of red light districts and sex tourism. When female objectification is not only prevalent, but is seen as the norm, showcasing that striptease can be classy is not enough to break the stigma. 

At the beginning of this session, there will be a burlesque performance by one of Madame Rouge’s dancers. Following the performance, Madame Rouge will expand on why the creation of a platform for sexual positivity was crucial for Bangkok to embrace burlesque. She will also discuss the challenges and advantages in introducing burlesque to a part of the world that is still lightyears behind the west in terms of sexual wokeness.

About Madame Rouge

Madame Rouge, a performer and costume designer with a flair for theatrics and an avid appreciation for vintage aesthetics founded the first and only authentic neo-burlesque theatre in Bangkok in 2019. During an extended stay in France, she was introduced to the world of Parisian cabaret, and ever since then, her life has been entangled with the art of seduction.

Once in Bangkok, she found a niche amongst the bustling entertainment industry of the vibrant city, and strived to satisfy it. When the opportunity to introduce a ravishing new show was presented to her, she was determined to create a groundbreaking experience that would not only mesmerize and captivate her audience, but would also challenge the taboo of sexuality and femininity in a surprisingly conservative society.

Unlike many cabaret shows and large-scale productions, Madame Rouge aims to celebrate every performer as individual starlets, promoting each one for their uniquely different dance styles and abilities, bringing them together to form an eclectic yet perfectly well-balanced troupe of unending talent. The daring performers of Madame Rouge are an international collection of professionally trained dancers from all over the globe, including Thailand, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, and Hong Kong. Not only are they mistresses of seduction, but their assertive femininity will certainly intrigue and enthrall.