Sexuality, Illness and Disability Panel

Mina Kakaiya
We explore the unchartered territory of sex with disabilities and illness. We have Lionel Koh, a caregiver; Mina Kakiya (has HIV and HIV advocate); Sydney Rae Chin (assault survivor), and Reguina Aun (a parent with a child with down syndrome).

About Mina Kakaiya

A seasoned international speaker, author and transformational wellbeing coach. Mina is a certified MHFA (Mental Health First Aid), Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Practioner. She is a HIV activist and a HIV volunteer peer mentor. She has been involved in a number HIV campaigns and teaches Emotional Resilience, Mindfulness, Peer Support and Sexual Wellbeing workshops and talks. Mina has also been featured on Radio, BBC Asian Network, BBC Womens Hour and Podcasts.

Mina is dedicated to help people harness their inner wellbeing towards personal transformational change to building resilience and leading fulfilling lives with a greater sense of purpose and passion.

Mina has a background in social work and a career spanning in the health and social care
sector. Innovating new ways of working, highlighting health inequalities, promoting
Community Development and Social Inclusion. She currently influences wider strategic
health and social care service commissioning and policies through her monitoring and
scrutiny role with Healthwatch. She holds a degree in Neuroscience and a Masters in CSR
(Corporate Social Responsibility).

LinkedIn: Mina Kakaiya