Sex, Illness and Disability Panel

We explore the unchartered territory of sex with disabilities and illness. We have Lionel Koh, a caregiver; Mina Kakiya (has HIV and HIV advocate); Sydney Rae Chin (assault survivor), and Reguina Aun (a parent with a child with down syndrome).

About Regina Aun

Regina Aun served on the boards of the Down Syndrome Association Singapore (DSA) as well as the Association for Persons with Special Needs (ASPN). Currently, she coordinates and manages activities for Y-Stars (YMCA Special Talents, Arts and Recreation Society), a group of adults with Down syndrome and/or other intellectual challenges between ages 18-49. 
As a proud mother of 3 grown children (of which the eldest, Benjamin Lee, has Down syndrome), Regina has always believed that sharing knowledge, awareness, understanding and experiences will help other parents of children with challenges approach the subject of sex and sexuality.