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About Sanjoy Sachdev

Sanjoy Sachdev, 60, is the Chairman of Love Commandos, a voluntary organization from India working for the cause of protecting Love and Lovers. A known Human Rights activist, he started his life as a students leader in 1970’s.
In a caste ridden and religiously fundamental society, he alongwith the team is committed to save lives of young boys and girls in love from the gallows of killing and violence in the name of so called honour. The entire team has been facing threats, assaults, attacks, false implication and even jailed for the cause but still are determined to save humanity and are working 24×7.
The organization is always short of resources and is seeking help from the believers of love for Mission Love. The slogan is “Love shall rule the world one day.”
The team has a huge number of volunteers and have appeared in almost all important news platforms in India and abroad including CNN, BBC, Guardian, Indian Express, Aaj Tak, NDTV, Zee News, Total TV, TV 9, ETV, and so on.
Twitter : lovecommandosin and lovecommandos2