Moderator: Joyen 


Sherry Sherqueshaa

Star Ore

Joshua Simon

We hear from 4 individuals about their experiences growing up GLBTIQA in Asia, where sexual activity between same sex couples is outlawed in several Asian countries including Singapore, how they came out and how they fought the backlash and stigma.

About Sherry Sherqueshaa

Miss Sherqueshaa has been with Project X – Singapore for 6 years. Started as a sex worker in her 20s, she now bridges the community with access to justice, sexual health testing and info, and all forms of assistance while they are in the industry. She is known to be the voice and face of sex workers; challenging the stigma and creating a positive image of the industry through media interviews, podcasts, and documentaries. Her passion goes up to the global level as she is the representative of Asia Pacific for the Global Network of Sex Worker Project. She aspires to inspire peer leaders and importantly empowering women to take charge of their sexual health, mental state, and empowerment.