Sex, Illness and Disability Panel

Sydney Rae Chin
We explore the unchartered territory of sex with disabilities and illness. We have Lionel Koh, a caregiver; Mina Kakiya (has HIV and HIV advocate); Sydney Rae Chin (assault survivor), and Reguina Aun (a parent with a child with down syndrome).

About Sydney Rae Chin

Sydney Rae Chin is a queer Chinese American intuititve sex guide and writer based on the East Coast. She holds a degree from Emerson College in Media Arts Production with a minor in African American and Africana Studies. Sydney aims to create and hold space for women as well as non-men of color, especially fellow survivors. She is a proud third generationChinese American woman; these identities inform the type of projects Sydney takes on. Sydney is a proud double bull, a visionary according to Adobe Creative types, and an avid foodie! You can find more of her work at