Sex, Money and Spirit

About Varin Gill

Varin Gill wants to live in a world filled with a sexually sovereign women, in love with themselves. She uses various wellness techniques from meditation, energy healing, dance & sound healing to reconnect women to their body’s own wisdom. Varin had her spiritual awakening at 19. Her first step was to learn meditation with Deepak Chopra in San Diego. She currently provides various workshops focused on the Shadow Self, Womb Wisdom, and Goddess Alignment Work alongside intuitive soul readings with tarot and astrology to assist people in learning more about themselves. She also channels sounds and physical movements to aid in reclaiming Womb Wisdom. She is an ACA qualified Chartered Accountant after training with Arthur Andersen, London and affiliated with the ICAEW of the UK, an RYT 200 hours qualified yoga teacher, a qualified Sekhem Energy healer (energy channeled from the Sirius Constellation) and she was initiated as Priestess of Goddess Hathor at The Great Pyramids of Egypt beginning her work in rebuilding a human’s sexual, creative and emotional freedom.